Monthly Archives: February 2011

Dyson Air Blade

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Dyson Air Blade! This is a state of the art hand dryer for public restrooms! Now you might say to yourself “what makes this s0 much better than a regular air hand dryer?” Well I’m going to tell you why this is a million times better then any other air hand dryer out there! The Dyson Air Blade is also the most sanitizing hand dryer also because it is automatic and you don’t have to push that metal button! So here’s how it works. You put your hands into this dryer and the hot air begins flying out through the vents in a straight motion much like how a fan blows air. When you’re done using it, I guarantee you that there will not be one single drop of water left on your hands! It really is amazing lol! I was using a public restroom earlier today and I wash my hands and then go to use the regular air hand dryer and when it was finished my hands we’re still wet! This will never happen when using the Dyson Air Blade! The Air Blade is also very fun to use! It’s starting to become popular, slowly but surely. They have them in Shake Shack in South Beach as well as at Ghirardelli storesĀ & at the Universal Orlando Theme Park! Have you used the Dyson Air Blade yet? If so, leave a comment saying if you liked it or not!