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NYC Photography

I went back home to New York for to visit family, hang out in the city on St. Patty’s Day, and to have a Photography adventure! I was up there for 5 days and I took a total of 600 pictures! I captured some really amazing images! I hit up most of the spots that I wanted to such as Radio City, Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Building), Top of the Empire State Building, Central Park, Bryant Park, Times Square, Battery Park, Wall Street, World Financial Center, and other random locations! However, there were a few locations I did not make it to on this trip such as Coney Island, Brooklyn, South Street Seaport, and the Statue of Liberty! Those locations will all be photographed next time I go back home. Even though I ended up getting sick on day 2, I didn’t let that stop me! I had no voice, my throat was killing me, and at some points I had a fever but I knew I still had pictures to take! I was determined to photograph as much as I could while I was up there! To view some of these pictures check out the “Photography” section @


Hilarious iPad Unboxing Video!!

Kanye West “All of the lights” Music Video

Not only is this song amazing, the video is really cool too! The editing is really good and cuts very quickly! Check it out!

Fun iPad Pranks!

Video Credit: Adam Dunkel

Here’s a fun prank to play on somebody who has either an iPad, iPhone, or an iPod Touch! Download the illumination app and turn on the LED screen strobe light on somebody else’s iPad and tell them that something happened and it’s broken!

Random Guy Plays Music On NYC Subway

Video Credit: Adam Dunkel

So there we were taking the subway back to queens when this guy gets on the train at 42nd street with a piano with a tube coming out of it. Immediately he begins blowing through the tube and pressing the keys and starts playing the “Happy Birthday” song. Nobody really pays too much attention. After a few seconds he starts to break into Whiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” and then he goes into Fabolous “Girl You Be Killin’ Em!” The show got a lot more interesting. A few people on the subway started participating and singing the songs. This guy did an amazing job and quite a few people threw him some money because he was also very polite when he was finished as he thanked everybody for listening! Look out for this dude if you ride the subways!


Enrique Morales: Spray Paint Artist

I was walking around Fort Lauderdale beach today location scouting for the “Like Me” Music Video. I went into Beach Place to see if there would be any ideal locations to shoot in there and I see a crowd of people and hear loud techno music so of course I get curious and go check out what’s going on. I see this guy spray painting a canvas and lighting it on fire, putting out the fire and re-spraying it. It was pretty amazing to watch so I stood around even though my parking meter was running and I still needed to swing by 2 other locations! This guy put on an amazing show! The best part was that he would spray all of these colors, and then spray black and blue all over it and cover it up so everyone was wondering what was going on. Then he would take a razor knife and a spackel knife and reveal those colors behind it! The end result was a beautiful painting of the World Trade Center! The artists name is Enrique Morales and you can reach him via email at … Art is life!

NYC Photo Adventure!!!

What better place to go on a photo adventure other than my hometown New York City! I’ll be going up there this week for an amazing photo adventure!!! I’ve gone on some cool photo adventures around South Beach but this one is gonna be like no other! I’ve been really inspired by photographer Peter Lik’s incredible photos of Central Park and the entire NYC Skyline! I plan on spending a full two days taking pictures. I’m gonna hit up Central Park, top of the Rockefeller Center, top of the Empire State Building, Long Island City, Brooklyn, and other places! I really wanna come back with stunning photos of the skyline! I’m really excited to take random pictures all over the city! I also planning on doing some stock footage video shots as well. Of course when I return I will post tons of pictures!!!

Upcoming Projects!

2011 is starting to look pretty good with a few projects lined up and a few underway! I am directing a short film called “There Goes The Neighborhood” written by Jason Gallotti. Rehearsals are this coming Sunday and we will be shooting in about 2 -3 weeks! It’s another short comedy so it should be a lot of fun to shoot! I’m also shooting the “Like Me” Music Video for Stan Da Man in 2 weeks down in Fort Lauderdale, FL! This will be my first shoot using my Canon Rebel T2i to do HD Video and I’m very excited to test it out! After that I got 3 other short films lined up that Jason Gallotti has written! Also, I will be working on the second draft of my latest film that I wrote with my friend Jordan Wapner “:Prefer Not To Say” sometime in the next week! I believe we wrote a really fun screenplay and the second draft will only be that much better! Please “LIKE” our film “:Prefer Not to Say” on Facebook at: AND Follow us on twitter at: … Other then that I’m always looking for new projects so lets get something going!

Canon Rebel T2i

How crazy is it that DSLR’s can record full 1080p High Definition Video these days? The best part about it is that you have the option of using different lenses to create beautiful looking depth of field (background out of focus) which really makes your videos look like film! So once I found out about this technology I knew I had to get one. I’ve always liked photography but never thought I would end up doing it on a professional level. I was always all about video but these days I’m about both! I really love photography now. I have a Canon Rebel T2i HDSLR with an 18-55mm lens and a 55-250mm lens! If you’re just starting out in photography like myself the Canon Rebel T2i is a great camera. It’s fairly easy to use but you might wanna watch a few youtube videos on photography to understand the basics. I’m picking up on photography pretty quickly because of my background with video. I’ve photographed many random spots around South Beach and Downtown Miami and I just did my first photo shoot with a father and a son! I’m heading to New York City next week to capture some amazing photos which I’ll post up when I return! I will also be using this camera to shoot HD Music Videos that will look like they were shot on a $100,000 film camera! We used two HDSLR’s to shoot my last film “Tech Support” on and it came out amazing! It’s really hard to tell the difference between HDSLR footage and 35mm film footage when looking at the image! If you’re looking to have pictures taken or shoot a Music Video you can view examples of my work on my website @ and contact me when you’re ready!

The Chicago Code

There’s a hot new show on TV! It has everything from action, drama, excitement, and a hint of comedy!The Chicago Code is an amazing show! The pilot aired on Monday February 7, 2011! This show is all about corruption in the Chicago Police Department. The whole background is that this lady witnessed corruption first hand as the mafia and other gangs forced her father’s store out of business as a little girl. She grew up knowing that she wanted to become a cop and make sure that she did everything she could to prevent that from happening in the future. Not only did she become a cop, she became the superintendent of the Chicago Police Department which is the most powerful cop! She does everything she can to take down the corrupt criminals. I don’t want to give away too much but this show is filled with excitement and it will certainly have you at the edge of your seat wondering what’s going to happen next! The Chicago Code airs Monday nights at 9pm on FOX!