Gary Dunkel is an Independent Filmmaker & Music Video Director.

At the age of 13, Gary Dunkel first became interested in film when he was asked to be an extra on the set of a horror film titled “Abberations” directed by Mike Polizzi. He played a cannibal. Once he walked onto the set for the first time and actually got to see first hand how motion pictures were created, he was hooked.

At the age of 17 he moved down to South Florida. He attended The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the Digital Video Production program. While he was in college he worked on numerous amounts of student projects everything from Music Videos, Short Films, Infomercials, Commercials, and Documentaries. He also worked on a few real projects with his professors. Gary Dunkel graduated from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in December 2006 at the top of his class. He was honored with graduating on the Presidents List and the Deans List. Since graduating from AiFL, Gary Dunkel has taken all of his training and education and put it to work. He has been Freelancing for the past few years.

In 2006, Gary Dunkel’s first short film premiered at The Miami Globo Theater! His second short film “All My Fault” premiered at The Miami Underground Film Festival in 2007. He spent most of 2008 in pre-production on his first Feature-Film “The Last Job” which went into production in October 2009. Gary has just recently completed his 4th film “Tech Support.” It has already been accepted into the 25th Anniversary Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. His main long-term goal is to work on Big-Budget Hollywood film sets.

Currently he is working on Music Videos for local & well known Hip-Hop artists in Miami, FL. The “Check Me Out” Music Video that he did for Slick Salt Entertainments own artist Nove Featuring Brisco (Poe Boy Entertainment) and Webbz received over 200,000 views in 5 days on www.WorldStarHipHop.com! Gary Dunkel continues to put out work that keeps people talking about him! Currently he has a few more films in the works! He is slowly but surely getting his name and his work well known and strives to make it to the top!


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