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Tri-City 2011 MVP Cyphers Video

This is my latest project! My friend Eve created this new project called the Tri-City 2011 MVP Cyphers and asked me to jump on as the video editor! Basically this project contains people from West Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties that came together and freestyle about anything and everything. This project definitely shows the lyrically creativity of these guys and I’m glad I had the opportunity to worked on this project. Check it out!


Quitting Your Job With A Bang!

“Joey Quits” is an amazing viral video on youtube! Basically this guy Joey has worked at the Providence Renaissance hotel for 3 1/2 years and they treated him poorly so one day he decides to go out with a bang. He brought an orchestra band into the employee area of the hotel and told his boss he quit as the band plays their music behind him! You gotta check it out, it’s hilarious and probably something a lot of us wish we could do!

Azi Aishling “Cruisin” Music Video

I had the honor of working with Dublin, Ireland’s Pop Star Azi Aishling this past week! We shot a Music Video for her third single “Cruisin!” Not only is Azi an extremely talented singer/songwriter, she’s an all around amazing person to work with! She knows exactly what she wants in her videos and how she wants it to look. I really enjoyed working with Azi on this video and I look forward to working on a lot more projects with her! Major shout out to her manager Freddy of Stoop!d Genius Productions who arranged the shoot! I’m really excited for the world to see this video. We will be releasing it sometime next week! Check us out on twitter: @AziAishling, @FREDDYBz, & @GaryDunkel.

The Official Webbz “I’m A Star” Music Video

This is the official Webbz “I’m A Star” Music Video! The entire video was shot in Miramar, Florida in 3 hours! We shot this video on a Canon EOS Rebel T2i. It was my first time using the T2i for a music video and it definitely performed very well. Watch out for Webbz because he’s about to blow up! Stay tuned … more videos will be coming soon!!

What Happened To The Rapture Harold?

Well it’s May 22, 2011 and we’re all still here! I guess Harold Campings May 21st christian rapture prediction was wrong again for the second time, shocker! He predicted to world was going to end on September 6, 1994 and it didn’t. I wonder how Harold is feeling today knowing that he spent millions of dollars convincing people that all of the christians we’re going to float up to heaven to meet Jesus today … and they didn’t!!! The fact that so many people bought into this is ridiculous! Good thing you guys spent all of that money putting up billboards everywhere to warn people about the Judgment Day!! People spent their life savings because they figured that they weren’t going to need it in heaven!! There’s probably a lot of broke families today. I wonder how all of those people are feeling knowing that they now have no money and they’re still alive on earth! I’m guessing they’re feeling prrrreeeeeeetttttttyyyyy dumb for believing good ol’ Harold!! The funny this is non-christians we’re accepting money to watch over the christians pets while they go to heaven! What an amazing scam lol. Honestly, Harold if I were you (thank god I’m not) I would probably law low for awhile and maybe even fall off the map because we all know you didn’t float off the map! There’s probably a lot of angry people coming to look for you so good luck with that! Maybe Sir Isaac Newton was right and the rapture will happen in 2060! I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out unless good ol’ Harold Camping predicts May 21, 2012 or the world really does end in December 2012!!