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Azi Aishling “Cruisin” Music Video

I had the honor of working with Dublin, Ireland’s Pop Star Azi Aishling this past week! We shot a Music Video for her third single “Cruisin!” Not only is Azi an extremely talented singer/songwriter, she’s an all around amazing person to work with! She knows exactly what she wants in her videos and how she wants it to look. I really enjoyed working with Azi on this video and I look forward to working on a lot more projects with her! Major shout out to her manager Freddy of Stoop!d Genius Productions who arranged the shoot! I’m really excited for the world to see this video. We will be releasing it sometime next week! Check us out on twitter: @AziAishling, @FREDDYBz, & @GaryDunkel.


Numa Numa Twin Chins!

White Girl Singing Look At Me Now

This video is amazing! This white girl raps LiL Wayne’s “Look At Me Now” song! She doesn’t miss a single word or a single beat! She is 100% on point the whole time! Check it out and comment on what you think!

Kanye West “All of the lights” Music Video

Not only is this song amazing, the video is really cool too! The editing is really good and cuts very quickly! Check it out!

Random Guy Plays Music On NYC Subway

Video Credit: Adam Dunkel

So there we were taking the subway back to queens when this guy gets on the train at 42nd street with a piano with a tube coming out of it. Immediately he begins blowing through the tube and pressing the keys and starts playing the “Happy Birthday” song. Nobody really pays too much attention. After a few seconds he starts to break into Whiz Khalifa’s “Black & Yellow” and then he goes into Fabolous “Girl You Be Killin’ Em!” The show got a lot more interesting. A few people on the subway started participating and singing the songs. This guy did an amazing job and quite a few people threw him some money because he was also very polite when he was finished as he thanked everybody for listening! Look out for this dude if you ride the subways!


Young Nation = Next Big Thing!

Everyone needs to check out the next big thing in the hip-hop industry, Young Nation! These two brothers  Jay Hussle & Kwyit Kwest have come a long way! I’m proud to be their friends as well! I’ve known Jay Hussle for a few years now and I can tell you this, he is on his grind and won’t stop until he reaches success! They are a very unique group and have a lot of talent. Their music will get you hooked instantly! Kwyit Kwest is the master mind behind the beats, and he creates some crazy ones! They have attended many hip hop music conferences including the DJ Laz music conference. I had the privilege of Directing their first music video for the song “Say It Again Girl,” a remake of the Isley Brothers. They are currently featured on Slip-N-Slide Records website under the “On Da Grind” page! Please listen to their song “Like An O.G.”  on Slip-N-Slide’s website and vote “Sign this cat….NOW” These guys have major talent and with this little push, this could really be their big break!

To VOTE please visit:

Young Nation on Slip-N-Slide:

Follow Young Nation on Twitter: @YOUNGNATION305